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CovidSafe pioneer in providing bio bubble solutions for International sports tournaments and other events or tradeshows through its CovidSafe Sentinel Platform (CSP). Our solution helps in safeguarding large-scale events and sports tournaments without any risks and ensures the safety of all stakeholders - players, support staff, match officials, hotel staff and others involved. Our sports technology has been successfully deployed at various international Cricket tournaments such as India vs. England Cricket Series in February - March 2021 and Road Safety World Series.



Bio bubble solution/events

CovidSafe provides business continuity through its cutting-edge technology, by providing solutions to event-based Industries such as trade shows, aero shows, exhibitions and more. Our solution works as a virtual shield against COVID19 and can be deployed at large events – For example: At music concerts/exhibitions to ensure the safety of all crew members, visitors, exhibitors, musicians/artists and front-line technicians. The combination of hardware & software can ensure smooth execution of events and assures that there are no red flags during the event. CovidSafe helps in enforcing Social distancing at the workplace, contact tracing for infected users, and other features such as geo-fencing & overcrowding to contain critical situations.


The solution includes a combination of social distancing measures, instant historical contact tracing, restricted access to limited areas by creating geo-fencing zones at the hotel/resort and also at the stadium along with physical testing and screening of everyone involved. It is increasingly clear that technology has a critical role to play in return of sports tournaments and large-scale events. The combination of hardware, wearables and software can ensure the safety of players and ensures that there are no red flags during the tournament. Most recently we saw the Pakistan Super League (PSL) being called off due to COVID-19 cases amongst players and staff. What could have been done to avoid this? A simple yet powerful solution like the SenseGiz Sentinel Platform. That is what’s required to ensure smooth sailing.

bio bubble solutions

How did the India Vs. England test series happen admidst the pandemic?


The recently concluded India vs. England Series under BCCI benefitted from CovidSafe Sentinel platform, which has been deployed successfully at Chennai for the first two Tests and then at Ahmedabad for the remaining series. This was the first Bio-secure series between India and England, held behind closed doors initially (in February and March this year).

The CovidSafe Sentinel Platform’s hardware was installed across all tournament hotels or resorts, stadium and transport vehicles between the hotel and stadium. Our solution offers huge benefits in restarting sports tournaments at a time when the sports industry has been facing several challenges, which includes social distancing; instant contact tracing (If any positive COVID19 cases arise, thus reducing exposure to risk and allowing time to take quick action), access restrictions (including creation of geo-fenced zones, overcrowding limits at various common areas across the hotels and stadium).

bio bubble solutions
bio bubble solutions
bio bubble solutions
bio bubble solutions

Our data-driven approach with instant reporting ensured that tournament complied with all the necessary Government protocols and data was captured and shared in real-time, thereby helping the command centre to take immediate and necessary action, which in turn helped to minimize the risk of COVID-19 during the tournament. CovidSafe offers accurate data with 24/7 support in monitoring throughout the entire duration of the tournament.

Even the Legends feel secured with us

The Road Safety World Series (RSWS) (2 March – 21 March, 2021) in Raipur is a testimony to our solutions. The CovidSafe Sentinez Platform has been deployed at this 6-Nation International Cricket Tournament (The participating teams: India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, West Indies, England and Bangladesh). The who ’s who of international cricket are here. Cricket legends like Sachin Tendulkar, Brain Lara, Sanath Jayasuriya, Tilakratne Dilshan, Jonty Rhodes, Irfan Pathan, Virender Sehwag, Yuvraj Singh, Kevin Pietersen, Makhaya Ntini to name a few.

bio bubble solutions
bio bubble solutions

All players (Legends), support staff, match officials, commentators, hotel staff was hosted in a bio-secure environment (CovidSafe Sentinel Platform). Hardware devices like CovidSafe COIN and Gateways were installed across the resort and stadium. Every individual was tagged with CovidSafe FIND device (wristband) that tracks all social distancing violations between everyone involved in that tournament. Our partner company also helped us with on-ground support for screening and testing –RT-PCR of every individual in the Bio-Bubble. As, you can see all players wearing the FIND device 24 hours during the course of this tournament. By doing so, we can enforce social distancing along with historical contact tracing in case any player or staff is detected positive with the virus. Thus, ensuring that only the infected individual and his/her immediate contact should be isolated and we don’t jeopardize the entire tournament like what happened with the Pakistan Super League and IPL (Indian Premier Leauge).

What’s Next Then?

It’s clear that technology has a critical role to play in the return of sports tournaments and large-scale events. The combination of hardware, wearable, and software can ensure the safety of everyone involved. The same solution can also be implemented across various other sports tournaments like Pro-Kabaddi League, Badminton League, ISL where the stakes are high. CovidSafe is looking at deploying this solution across multiple domestic-level tournaments as well. Besides sports, CovidSafe has successfully supported various sectors and industries by managing workforce safety and enforcing social distancing to help them getting back to work by deploying the CovidSafe Sentinel Platform to ensure business continuity. Our solutions are a perfect fit for large scale events, trade shows, aero shows, music concerts and exhibitions.

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